Student guide for university of west scotland courses (UWS)

What are your prime considerations while selecting a university abroad? Our analysis says that students mostly look for

  • Adaptable culture
  • Funding options
  • Rankings of the university
  • Courses
  • Employability
  • Infrastructure
  • Number of international students

If you are looking for a university in the UK that offers all of the above benefits then university of west scotland uk is a good option for you. Through this blog, you will get an idea about university of West Scotland courses and how we can help you in this regard.

Without much ado, let’s begin!

Types of courses offered by the University of West Scotland UK

Undergraduate Courses


Uni of West Scotland offers many undergraduate courses. To find particular courses, you can visit the university of west scotland courses. You can find a variety of courses for different subject areas like:

  • Business
  • Computing
  • Creative Industries
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Life sciences
  • Physical and chemical sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Sport

The uni of West Scotland offers these courses across all campuses with facilities like face-to-face learning or online learning. It also has a hybrid model that is a combination of the offline and online modes.

Admission and Application

When you want to obtain admission to the university of west scotland courses, then the first thing that you need to do is to decide whether you wish to apply on your own or through a visa consultancy firm like us.

If you decide to apply on your own then you need to follow the procedure listed on the UCAS website. If you approach us then we can help you in completing the formalities.

You need to follow the following procedure for getting admission to Uni of West Scotland Courses.

Choose the course: Visit the university website and choose the course that you want.

Fulfil the Entry requirements for language proficiency tests:

Depending on the course that you have selected, you need to fulfil the English language requirements. However, in case you are not in the position to clear the test then you can apply for the English language courses offered by the university and then apply for the course of your choice.


When you apply for Uni West Scotland or any other university courses, please bear in mind that you need to submit copies of certificates with your application. Some of the important documents that are required to be filed include:

  • Qualification certificates
  • IELTS or other English language proficiency test certificates
  • A signed academic reference on the headed paper
  • CV
  • Proof of funding
  • Passport
  • Visa or CAS statement

Personal Statement:

In a personal statement you need to justify as to why you want to opt for a particular course. Your statement is of utmost importance for getting admission. So craft it carefully. You can see samples of POA and SOS on our website.

Submit Your Application:

After completing the above formalities you need to submit the application form online on the UCAS website.

The university allows you credentials for tracking your application and intimates you about your status through an email.

Entry Requirements:

You need to fulfill the criteria required for specific course selected by you and fulfil the English language requirements for the same.

Fees and Funding

The fees for respective courses can be found on respective university pages for different courses. However, for International students, the University offers many incentives and scholarships. But for scholarships, you need to fulfil certain criteria.

Post Graduate Courses


There are many post-graduate courses at Uni of West Scotland. You can get more information about it by visiting university pages. However, there\’s a ready  list of university of west scotland courses

  • Business Management
  • Social Science
  • Medicine and Health
  • Education and Training
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Applied Science and Professions
  • Hospitality, Leisure and Sports
  • Journalism and Media
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Arts, Design and Architecture
  • Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences
  • Law

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for different courses are different for each course in terms of the acceptability of IELTS scores. You can check out the entry requirements for Uni of West Scotland courses on the university link provided earlier.

Fees and Funding

£2180 is the average fee for Master’s degree in the University of West Scotland.  However, the fees differ for different courses. You need to visit the University of West Scotland, UK page for exact information pertaining to your course.

Admission and Application

The procedure for applying for the University of West Scotland Courses for Masters\’s degree are the same as the procedure for doing undergraduate courses. We have already discussed it earlier.

Research Degrees

If you are passionate about studying in deep about a particular subject then you should go for Uni of West Scotland Courses meant for Research degrees. It will give you an edge in your profession.

Fees and Funding

The fees for pursuing a Research course from the University of West Scotland, UK differs on the field that you choose for doing a doctorate. On an average, it takes 33 months to complete the thesis.

You can easily know the fees for the Research programme, by visiting the University page.

Admission and Application

For getting admission to Research courses, you need to fill up the forms on the university website and do the required formalities.

Part-time Study Courses

Part-time study courses allow the students to attend the courses from any of the four campuses. As far as learning is concerned, they have the same course structure as full-time students.

The only difference is that part-time learning is flexible. As a student, you can complete it at your own pace.

To know the requirements for IELTS and the fee structure, you need to visit the university website.

English Language Courses

For those students who cannot fulfil the IELTS score requirements, the University of West Scotland offers English Language courses. These courses can help you to get admission to the uni West Scotland courses. However, due to the pandemic, the mode of learning has changed. You can view the current status by visiting this site.

Graduate Apprenticeships

Graduate Apprenticeships programmes are developed to match the education requirements with the industry. As of now, the University of West Scotland offers Graduate Apprenticeships for the following courses.

The University of West Scotland has developed five Graduate Apprenticeships for September 2021:

  • BSc (Hons) IT: Software Development
  • BEng (Hons) Engineering Design & Manufacture
  • BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering
  • BA (Hons) Business Management
  • BA Early Learning & Childcare

CPD, Short courses and modules

If you want to up-skill or change your career then CPD courses will be boon for you. The University of West Scotland offers a variety of CPD courses. The interesting part about CPD courses is that they are short-term and cost much less.

If you need any assistance regarding going abroad for education, choosing a university or getting trained for IELTS then you can approach us.

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