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Last Saturday I wound up my office in the evening and while I was passing by, I decided to drop at Subway. My wife went to the shop to get something for us and I was sitting in my car waiting for her to come.

Meanwhile, I heard two students chatting with each other. It interested me so I paid attention to it. They were chatting in Gujarati and one of them said, “You don’t need a student visa consultant for going abroad for studies. They mint money and waste time too!”

I was shocked by hearing this because we, at Edge International, have been working as overseas education consultants in Vadodara for a long time now, almost more than a decade! Still, people do think like this.

It means that they must be dealing with some fraudsters who trick them into going abroad. I have already talked with you (through my earlier blog) regarding how to choose the best overseas education visa consultant. Those of you, who have read it must be knowing how to choose.

Just as we don’t have ‘one size fits all’ similarly in visa consultancy too, different countries have different requirements. All consultants are not authorized to deal with all countries\’ visas.

It is possible that the study abroad consultants in Vadodara to whom you apply might not be dealing in that country but just to please you they might take your application and hand it over to others who deal with the visa applications of that country. Everything is possible! That might be causing a delay in your application process.

To prove my point, at Edge International, we previously did consult just for the UK but now we have added one more feather to our cap and we are doing visa consultancy for Canada too. So before you finalize the study abroad consultants for Canada you should know how to choose the best education visa consultant for Canada.


If you possess the right knowledge, you’ll always win in life, that is what I believe.

Now let me address your pain point here and that is ‘Whether to apply for a student visa yourself or to apply through a student visa consultant in Vadodara?’

Being one of the study abroad consultants in Vadodara, I can tell you positive points about visa consultants. But I wish to hear the ‘negatives’ from you in the comment section. I’ll try to answer them all and resolve them, to serve you better.

Let’s dive in!

Why prefer a student visa consultant in Vadodara to process your student visa application rather than DIY?

Market Insights:

Have you ever tried to go into the kitchen? An absurd question, right? Well, your mom knows what is best for you. If you don’t like a particular thing then she will try to club it with another thing and see to it that it reaches your stomach, isn’t it?

Like a mother, a student visa consultant in Vadodara, who is true to his profession always has insights into the market. You might be desirous of going to a particular country, but if the visa consultant finds your chances bleak then he would never suggest you go forward with it. That is the prime reason to go with an overseas education consultant in Vadodara.

Trust me, when you want to go abroad to study then you want to make your career, whereas, for a student visa consultant in Vadodara, it is our profession to guide you in the process and get paid for it. Why would we do it wrong?

As a study abroad consultants in Vadodara, we always remain updated with:

  • Latest industrial trends
  • Latest jobs in demand
  • Safest places to go
  • Best education providers
  • Special offers

To get access to our database, you need to process your visa application with us. If you try to DIY then there is nothing wrong with it but it is more research-oriented and; has a trial and error method, which may hurt your visa process further.


Just like you can track your parcel when you send something by courier, similarly, when you apply through us, you can track your application at every stage.

Regular follow-ups save you time and assure you that your file is moving ahead.

Career guidance:

According to Statista, as of 2019, India has 993 Universities. We aren’t talking about courses, just the universities. Think of we have got independence in 1947 and from that date we moulded ourselves.

Now, think of. Other countries where you wish to apply are already enjoying independence and have nearly 100 years old university.

They offer multiple courses for the same discipline. For instance, consider the courses offered by South Bank University, London for your discipline. You’ll realize what I am trying to convey.

As study abroad consultants in Vadodara, it is our honest effort to understand your interest in a particular subject and guide you to get admissions to the university that:

  • Is budget-friendly
  • Offers the subject that you wish to study
  • Is culturally friendly
  • Has further career prospects

We can not only guide you about the universities but also offer you advice about different countries that might interest you. If you try to apply yourself, you might miss out on these things.

Documentation and Submissions:

When you go to a shop you can choose the best things for you, isn’t it? Similarly, a University wants to choose the best candidates for itself. But they cannot conduct interviews of every candidate personally. Hence to know where you stand they require you to write SOP.

They judge you by SOP and LOR. This is the base document on which your entire chance of admission being granted or rejected depends.

After a decade’s experience, we are familiar with the university requirements. So we can save you from rejections and correct your SOPs so that they are accepted by the universities. Writing them properly and presenting them properly is of utmost importance if you want them to select.

We can guide you correctly on how to use your transcripts and scorecards in the best possible way so that they are instantly approved. We can also provide you with tips to clear the interviews.

Chances of being blacklisted or rejected by a university are rare if you apply through the best student visa consultants in Vadodara like us.

If you copy the format of SOP from somewhere then you can be blacklisted by the university. So if you trying to DIY then please take care of this aspect particularly.

Financial Assistance:

Going abroad requires loans, scholarships. Of course, you can search them online but you can search limited keywords whereas we know the people who render financial assistance.

We have tie-ups with banks and we can also guide you about the various scholarships that can be availed by you. That certainly makes your job easy.

Fee Waivers: 

We always try to get you admitted to the university of your choice. But there’s always a thing called ‘destiny’. We cannot change it. So to be on the safe side, as one of the trusted study abroad consultants, we ask you to apply to three universities of your choice.

But we don’t allow your money to be drained. In case one university application is rejected then we waive your application fee. Apart from that, we have our standard courier services for sending documents abroad. So you can relax for that matter too!

We also offer guidance for English tests like IELTS and Duolingo which is required for getting admissions abroad.


Getting an acceptance letter from your dream university is a big deal. We don’t want your visa application to be rejected at any stage. Hence from the very inception of clearing IELTS, drafting of SOPs, getting LORs, submission of financial documents, preparation for the visa interview, obtaining financial assistance and other matters – WE ARE WITH YOU ….

That’s all I have to say. Still, if you feel that you are not convinced by my arguments then please drop your comments, I’ll be glad to answer them. Good Luck friends!

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