Greenwich University: What makes it the \’best\’?

Are you desirous about going abroad for studies but feel homesick? Don’t worry. We suggest to you a University in London that has approximately 25% of international students.

The University of Greenwich caters to the educational requirements of international students. The University is spread across three beautiful campuses.

Why should you prefer the University of Greenwich, London?

The University of Greenwich is a great choice for international students because of many reasons. As a student visa consultant in Vadodara, we recommend it to our applicants for the following reasons.

  • It has most international students. You’ll never feel homesick.
  • It has three beautiful spacious campuses and each campus is dedicated to a specialized branch of study. Thus, you can find like-minded people on every campus.
  • It has got courses for graduation and post-graduation that are priced moderately. Apart from that, it offers scholarships to all deserving students.
  • There are student unions to support you in every stage; be it finding accommodation, food, or health care facilities. There is excellent support from the student unions at Greenwich University. That’s what makes it a preferred choice of many students.
  • It has got good international rankings. (more about it later)

Excited about going to the University of Greenwich for studies? Here are some more details about it.

As a visa consultant in Vadodara, before we suggest any university to you, we attempt to understand your requirements. Accordingly, we feel that Greenwich University is a good option if you want to choose a university that:

  • Does not require very high IELTS scores for admissions. The average band required in IELTS is 6.0
  • Which gives you exemptions from attempting in IELTS if you have a certain percentage of marks in the 12th Board exams or graduation.
  • Accepts the study gaps
  • Provides hostel facilities.  Moreover has many Indian students, offer Indian food
  • Has a moderate fee structure

The very next question that might come to your mind is about the different courses that are offered.

What are some of the University of Greenwich courses?

University of Greenwich courses is designed keeping in view the employability and the required skills to survive in the corporate world.

Entry Requirements for Greenwich University Courses are as under

We have covered in detail the various courses that the university offers on our website. The graduation courses are designed to develop a skill set. Mock interviews for jobs, guidance in CV preparation, career fairs etc are regularly arranged for the students to give them the cutting edge over others.

For those of you who do not want to attend the courses full time, Greenwich University offers ‘sandwich courses’. The speciality of these courses is that they allow flexible timings to learn.

You just need to attend university one day a week. Along with that, you get full access to student resources and required support from the university.

What are some of the Greenwich University Postgraduate Courses?

After graduating from your home country, you can move to Greenwich university for post-graduation by enrolling in Greenwich University Postgraduate Courses.

Greenwich University Postgraduate Courses entry requirements are as follows:

We have covered the details about the Greenwich University Postgraduate Courses on our website. The university offers research facilities to its postgraduate students.

Apart from that, there are certain facilities that Greenwich University offers to its postgraduate students such as

  • Community for research
  • Business support services
  • Guidance for research portfolio
  • Tips to grow in business using your research

As a visa consultants in Vadodara, we often face questions from our applicants regarding the rankings and the acceptance rate of Greenwich University.

What are Greenwich University Rankings?

As far as Greenwich University Rankings are considered, it ranks among the top 100 universities according to the University League Table.

As a visa consultant in Vadodara, we advise our students to see rankings of the same university from different institutions. Because each institution has set a different parameter for ranking. This will give you a better idea about the university.

Also, you can read online reviews or join a community on FB to connect with current/old students of the university. That will give you a crystal clear idea about the university.

Summing up!

What is the University of Greenwich good for?

The University of Greenwich is the first choice of students because of its high teaching quality, research excellence, and diversity of its students.

Also, it is lenient regarding the study gap, has a high acceptance rate, and grants exemption in IELTS if you fulfil the required criteria. That is what makes it more desirable.

As an icing on the cake, it offers assistance to get you a job. The University of Greenwich organizes career fairs frequently which help students to get good jobs. That’s the reason that you should study at the University of Greenwich.

Have you enrolled for the next intake? Do let us know in the comment section. Also, you are free to ask any queries regarding the same. All the best!

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