Step by Step guide to choose Best University in the World

If you are reading this it means that you are planning to go abroad and looking for some ideas regarding choosing a visa consultant.

Well, this article deals exactly with that. This step-by-step guide is not a generic guide. It will provide the crisp steps you need to follow when you decide to choose to fly abroad.

  1. Research which country you want to visit

Once you have decided to study abroad then the first thing you need to decide is which country you wish to study in. Research the university that you want to study in and know the entry requirements.

Just knowing about the country is not sufficient. As overseas education consultants in Vadodara, we often observe that students are excited to go abroad and often choose a country that their peers prefer.

But this is not the right approach. Your needs, interests, and qualifications might be different. So while choosing a country you should keep in mind the following pointers:

  • Choose a country which has cultural similarities
  • Study the entry requirements for specific universities where you need admission. Because if you don’t meet entry requirements then choosing a country does not make any sense.
  • Try to gather information about the learning environment. As abroad education consultants in Vadodara, we have observed that after the pandemic the way the courses are delivered has changed. Fee structures are also changed accordingly.

When choosing a country for abroad education take into account teaching pedagogy, the curriculum structure, the degree of flexibility offered by the program, extracurricular activities

  • Please consider the costs. Costs include the cost of living, recreation, insurance, transport etc.
  • Check the employability status of the course which you wish to follow and check whether the country has scope for a career in your chosen field.
  1. Choose a particular course you wish to follow

Offshore universities offer courses of different kinds depending on your skills. So after you choose a particular country, choose the course you wish to follow. We conduct classes for IELTS too and when we find that students are not pretty clear about course selection, as an overseas visa consultant in Vadodara, we guide them to do a SWOT analysis.
Have you read the book “Ikigai”? If not, please read it. Your choice of course should be such that it makes you and the world happy and you can make a decent living out of it.

Some of you might be familiar with the term SWOT analysis. It means

S – Strength

W – Weakness

O – Opportunities

T – Threat

We all are living in an electronic age. Most things can now be done with the help of machines. So, while choosing a course, always remember whether a machine will ever replace your job.

Analyze your strengths, the subjects which interest you or the subjects in which you have mastery. Along with that find where you lag in those areas and try to find new or create new opportunities. You should always think of the possible threats of competition and the replacement of your jobs by robots when you choose a particular course.

As an abroad education consultants in Vadodara, we understand that going abroad for studies requires mental preparation, monetary preparation and emotional preparation. You should keep all factors in mind while choosing a course like:

  • Course duration
  • The credibility of the degree
  • Employability
  • Prospects
  • Fees
  • Mode of learning

All these brainstorming ideas can help you to choose the course in a better way.

  1. Shortlist the Universities that offer those courses

After choosing a country and course, you need to shortlist a university from the World. Although you must have done brief research about it while looking for the course in this step, it has to be a detailed one.

We have been in this field for more than two decades now. As an abroad education consultant in Vadodara, we request all of you to consider the following points while choosing a university.

  • Check the history of the University
  • Check the employability of the degree earned by the university. For this, you should see the ‘alumini’ section on the University’s website
  • Check the number of international students in that university
  • Check the mode of teaching
  • Check the language of teaching
  • Understand in detail the course structure, the exams and the marking patterns
  • Try to get an idea about scholarships available for the program
  • Join various groups on social media channels like FB, and Instagram and try to get more information about the university.
  • Try to obtain information from your friends or colleagues who are already studying at that university
  • Most importantly always keep in mind whether the course is recognized by the other countries of the world or not. This will help you to choose a university that awards a degree that is globally recognized.
  • Be clear about the location of the university. Try to find out whether it has a hostel facility or else you will find a place to stay nearby. Keep eye on transport cost and time of travel.
  1. Visit the visa consultant’s office physically

Visiting a website, reading reviews etc is all important. But we live in the age of technology and anything and everything is possible. So rather than just depending on the website, you should visit the consultant’s office personally. This will give you an idea about their certifications and overall idea about their being genuine.

  1. Obtain thorough knowledge about fees, time, the scope of work

Before you finalize a consultant it is necessary to obtain full information about the fees that the consultant is going to charge you. You must compare it with others in the same industry. If it is too high or too low compared to the others in the same industry, then you should stay away from such consultants.

Apart from that, you should always ask your study abroad consultant about the scope of work that will be done by them. For eg will the consultant help you with documentation, application to the university, submitting the documents, preparing for an interview etc

You should also ask for the tentative time during which the consultant expects to get a response on your file. You should decide how both of you viz., the consultant and you, will communicate in future so that there are few chances of mismanagement.

  1. Ascertain credibility of visa consultant from various sources (Google reviews, testimonials, past success, references)

We all are aware of Google reviews and hence the first thing we wish to do when we want to establish credibility is to read the reviews.

You can also visit the official websites of IRCC and check if the visa consultant is registered with them. The key is cross verify from all the channels to know about the genuineness and trustworthiness of the abroad education consultant.

  1. Know about the help that a consultant can offer after you reach off-shore

Although this is a subsidiary step, you should verify whether the consultant offers some support after you reach a foreign country. This can be of great help initially when you shift to a new place.

  1. Inquire about refunds if the application is rejected

God forbid, but if your application is rejected due to any reason then you should have a clear understanding of the refunds that you will get and the time within which you can expect to get a refund.

Secondly, read the terms and conditions very carefully. Because a slight mistake on your part can make the contract void and the consultant can deny the refund to you.

We sincerely hope that this write-up helps you in choosing the best overseas university in the World. We have been operating as a student visa consultant for more than two decades now and booked many success stories. If you too wish to book your success story with us, you can apply. We will be glad to help. Best Luck!

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