How To Choose The Best Student Visa Consultant For Canada?

Here’s an interesting statistic for you

The year 2018

Investment in Primary & Tertiary Institutions

Canada $11854 per student (5.9% of GDP)

OECD Countries $10454 (4.9% of GDP)

Do you need more reasons to go to Canada to study? In our organisation, we guide students for visas to the UK, Australia and Canada. We also conduct classes for IELTS.

We have seen a rising trend among students to go abroad for studies, particularly in the UK and Canada. In this article, we want to give you a brief idea about how to choose the ‘best Canada student visa consultant’.

How to apply for a student visa, Canada?

To apply in Canada, you need to have a required score in IELTS and a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution. You also need to complete all documentation part and then you can apply for a student visa in Canada.

You need the following documents to apply for a Canadian study permit:

  • proof of identity, and
  • proof of acceptance
  • proof of financial support

How to choose the best Canada student visa consultant?

Canada is the favourite destination of students as a study abroad destination. You’ll find many consultants who call themselves the ‘best Canada student visa consultants’. But as an applicant how do you judge whether the consultant is genuine or not?

Here are a few pointers that you can consider when you want to apply for a student visa, Canada.

Things to consider while choosing a Canada student visa consultant

Choose the consultant registered with IRCC:

Any firm or person wanting to work as a consultant for a Canada visa needs to be registered with IRCC. You can check the genuineness of your immigration consultant by entering his name/firm name on the IRCC website.

A consultant who is issued a licence by IRCC is called RCIC. (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant)

At times, it may happen that your consultant might not be directly registered on the IRCC website. He might be giving your file to another IRCC approved consultant.

In such cases, you must obtain details of the person to whom your file is outsourced. This can help you to establish credibility.

Also, you need to check whether your RCIC is on good terms with IRCC and has paid membership fees.

IRCC registration is required by all firms who want to work as an immigration consultants whether they are in Canada or outside Canada.

Your immigration consultant should give you in writing in the agreement itself regarding the name of the person to whom your file will be outsourced for processing. At Edge International, we are transparent in this process.

Meet the consultant in person

If possible you should visit the consultant’s office in person and not just his website. This will give you an idea about his credibility. You can also verify whether the consultant works alone or has a team to lead.

You can then check the consultant’s experience in the relevant field.

Learn about the mode of communication with your Canada student visa consultant

It is essential how you communicate with your consultant. It can be through calls, personal visits or emails. A good immigration consultant like us always clears all your doubts and after analyzing what is best for you, he’ll suggest it.

At times if you have failed to obtain the desired band in IELTS or your age is more for applying and still, your immigration consultant says that he can obtain a student visa for you then it is a case of fraud.

So if you come across some visa consultants who demand a 100% fee in advance or promise you admissions despite low scores in IELTS for a Canada student visa, then clearly you are making a mistake.

Check about the success stories

Generally, all immigration consultants have their social media accounts. As a student aspirant, you should check how many success stories do they post in a month. This will give you a rough idea of how they operate.

For example, in the month of January-2022, we posted 20 success stories of students who got visas for different countries from our immigration consultancy.

Ask for references

You should always ask for references from the Canada student visa consultant. This can help you to verify the genuineness of the consultant. Also, you can inquire about how helpful the consultant was during the immigration process.

Ask about the help that they offer if the visa is rejected

Many consultants promise that they will refund the amount if the visa is not approved. That is true! But your precious time is lost. Rather than that, you should always ask for an alternative course of action to be followed if the visa is rejected.

Help in documentation

You should always ask your consultant about the help you can expect from them in the documentation part at every stage of the visa application. A good Canada student visa consultant can help you with visa assessment, visa application, documentation, submission of documents, and visa fee payment assistance.

Can you apply for a Canadian student visa without a visa consultant?

Yes, you can apply on your own but you need to be aware in detail of every formality that is needed. A slight mistake on the documentation part can result in a visa denial. So it is better to apply through a visa consultant.

Also, a visa consultant can guide you about the different universities that are budget-friendly for you.

Why choose us as a ‘Canada student visa consultant’?

We understand that migration to another country for the study is a big decision on your part- financially and emotionally. You might have undergone many financial hurdles to reach the country of your dreams.

That is why with every single application that we receive for study in Canada, we scrutinize it in detail to understand the chances of success of your visa application.

Later, we will guide you FRANKLY whether there are good chances of a visa being granted for study in Canada. We don’t like to waste your time and money in making false commitments. We think that is what separates us from the rest. Transparency is the virtue that we abide by, at all times!

We wish you the best of luck in all future endeavours and if you need any assistance to apply for a student visa in Canada, we can help.

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