Never Make These Mistakes If You Want 7 Bands In The IELTS Exam

“Failure determines only one thing: that your attempt to succeed was not strong enough.”

The above applies to all tests in life, IELTS is not an exception. IELTS is an English language proficiency test in which you must obtain the requisite bands if you wish to get admitted to the university of your choice.

We run IELTS classes in Vadodara and we’ve seen students who take this exam lightly and later blame the IELTS exam institute. If you are reading this, that means that you don’t belong to that category of students and are serious about IELTS. As the best IELTS coaching class in Vadodara, we know how crucial it is to get band 7 and not merely band 6 or band 6.5. Because some universities abroad require an IELTS score of 7. In case you are not able to get it then chances are there that you won’t get admission to the university of your choice.

As visa consultants in Vadodara, we often find that obtaining the desired IELTS band is a big hurdle for many students. We conduct IELTS classes in Vadodara and help students score the desired bands. Today we wish to guide you about the thin line difference between band 6 and band 7 and also guide you to obtain band 7 in IELTS.

What are the Different Modules in IELTS?

IELTS consists of 4 modules:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

You need to score well in each module if you wish to score band 7. Because the ultimate score is the weighted average of all modules taken together.

What is the Difference Between Band 6 and Band 7 in IELTS?

According to the British Council;

“If you have operational command, can handle complex language and provide detailed reasoning then you are given band 7 in IELTS.”

It is important to note that a student who scores band 7 in IELTS can have occasional inaccuracies or may make inappropriate usage of the English language. However, when you get band 6 in IELTS it denotes that you are unable to express your thoughts precisely. Any best IELTS coaching in Vadodara would guide you to improve your vocabulary, improve grammar and elaborate with proper reasoning in the writing part.

The writing part is regarded as the toughest module by the students. When we talk of the writing module it consists of 2 tasks. Task 1 is of 20 minutes and requires you to write 150 words and Task 2 is of 40 minutes and requires you to use 250 words. Mostly you are given an essay to write.

A hypothetical example in this regard will clarify the point. Say, for instance, you are given the topic:

“Universities should take the same number of men and women in each major. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words.”

As the IELTS classes in Vadodara, we have seen many samples of essays written by our students. As a result, our expert faculties are in the position to point out the grey areas of mistakes. Due to privacy reasons, we cannot directly post the answers of our students, however, we intend to discuss the mistakes that can fetch you band 6 instead of band 7.

What Mistakes did We Observe in the Essay of the Student Who Scored Band 6?

Well, the student began the essay with his opinion directly rather than a brief introduction. Secondly, he did not give proper examples to substantiate his claim. Lastly, he concluded the essay in brief. He could have summarized all the points that he mentioned earlier. Also, he could have framed better sentences and used proper synonyms.

What did We Observe in the Essay of the Student Who Scored Band 7?

The student who scored band 7 had begun the introduction part properly. With the proper usage of grammar, synonyms, and sentence construction he was able to present his thoughts precisely. The examples that he provided to justify his point were apt. In conclusion, he summarized all the points. That’s the reason the essay got band 7.

If you are ready, as the best IELTS coaching classes in Vadodara, we can give you some pro tips that can help you to fetch band 7 in IELTS.

Why should you consider us for IELTS coaching in Vadodara?

Our teachers have been mentoring students for IELTS for a long time now. They know the mistakes that can bring your bands down. Being a visa consultancy in Vadodara, we want our students to go abroad for studies to be successful in life. We think that is the main factor that motivates us to train you in a better way. If you are convinced, here are some pro tips from us.

Pro Tips to Secure Band 7 in Writing Module Task 2 of IELTS

Tip 1: Discuss both the views and then give your opinion. It should include:

Aspect 1 Aspect 2 Aspect 3
Agree Disagree
View 1 View 2 Personal views
Advantages Disadvantages
Causes Effects

Ideally you should discuss both views. Considering our earlier example you can very briefly write about the role that universities play in educating people and how that should not be concerned with the gender of the pupils. Later on, you can justify your point with suitable examples and conclude.

It is important to note here that the above cannot be applied as a standard template to answer such questions. However, to score band 7 you need to elaborate equally on both aspects and then give a personal opinion. This will test your reasoning ability, ability to grasp the concepts, and also test your language skills. Dealing with one aspect in greater detail and mentioning the other aspect in very brief can hamper your bands.

Tip 2: Read the question twice or thrice in your mind before you begin to answer. This will give you clarity of what is asked in the question.

Tip 3: Keep a close eye on:

  • The word count: it should be around 260 or 270.
  • Maintain focus on all the aspects that you wish to discuss. Don’t discuss too many ideas at a time.
  • Give reasons for your claims, and always provide examples.
  • Always have a logical flow of ideas in your essay.
  • Pay attention to grammar, punctuation, synonyms, and sentence formation.

Tip 4: Always write in your own words.

Tip 5: Never use contractions. For eg, if you wish to write ‘I have’ then don’t write it as I’ve instead write it as ‘I have’.

Tip 6: Never use abbreviations

Tip 7: Organize your ideas before you start writing.

Tip 8: Do not repeat the words. Use synonyms. To learn more synonyms you can use ‘Thesaurus’.

Tip 9: As far as possible try to use active voice instead of passive voice.

Final Words:

Cracking IELTS is easy if you adopt the correct approach. You must familiarize yourself with the different modules, know how the organization is going to test you, and take proper training from the best IELTS coaching class in Vadodara if you wish to succeed.

With the proper training, the right mindset, and practice you can easily obtain the desired bands in IELTS. As far as we are concerned, we take regular mock tests so that our students know where they need to improve.

We are always there to guide you on the journey to success. You can approach us for IELTS training and we’ll guide you in the best possible way to obtain high bands and also help you in visa processing. Best luck!

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