Key Points to keep in mind while writing SOP

Writing a perfect Statement of purpose is critical when you want to study abroad. Many students are puzzled with questions like how to write an SOP, what an SOP should contain or what are the SOP key points. A statement of purpose (SOP) is a letter that explains your intent to study abroad. Once submitted, it is reviewed by the admission panel and usually includes content related to your career path, interest, professional contributions, goals, and the reason that encouraged you to pursue a particular program.  The most important aspect of a perfect SOP is the introduction wherein you mention your inspiration which led you to do something in the particular field and hence, the particular program. If you have a weak profile, a good essay compensates for it by highlighting your ambitions and future goals. The university assesses you on your present and plans rather than dwelling on your performance in the past. A well-written SOP also reflects how well you can express your thoughts using your writing skills. Below are several key points that must be kept in mind while drafting a Statement of Purpose. Below is the step-to-step SOP for student visa writing guide for you, stating the accurate procedure, in the process to obtain a clear and attractive Statement of Purpose.

Introduce with yourself and summarize your Educational Career : 

The SOP should always revolve around you and your positive self. It should always start with your introduction and interests, the motivation and inclinations in detail. It should be Genuine and honest with deep clarity of your thoughts and perspectives. From your desires for your graduate study to your accomplishments, it should be up to the mark and short. Summarizing your Educational Career The educational segment can include the degree’s, streams, subjects, and experiences within the period of time opted by you, with a detailing of the titles of the projects or internships, the responsibilities and their outcomes, indicated with the organization or individual etc. It should be in the style of only your discipline. You can also include extra-curricular activities or any social experiences too.

Your Aspiration and Reason for Pursuing the Course, University and Country

This is one of the most important segments as you need to explain and convince the admission officer making him/her understand the need for you to opt for the course and to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to only opt for their institution and country. It should always be up to a point, and with honest, reasonable facts that why you are choosing your respective country and respective course . 

Country vice you have to mention and explain them why you are choosing international education where you can compare your home country education along with benefits of studying in respective country also for the chosen course you have to show the relevancy of course with your past education in your home country education along with your adamancy of choosing that course which will going to be beneficial for you when you will return to your home country 

Future prospect after getting an International Education:

The Universities also want to know what it is that you aspire to do once you have finished the course in order to determine if the course you seek to secure admission in will benefit your career prospectus or not.

Example of Short-term Goals: Short term goals are the ones that you might want to pursue while studying or after a considerable amount of time into the course. These may include research papers, thesis, articles on the factual data of your course. It is an added benefit to mention any previous papers or articles or any academic publication in order to establish a base for your statements.

Example of Long-term Goals: Long term goals include career goals you want to achieve after completion of your course. It could be a particular position in a firm or wanting to start a venture of your own using the skills that were taught to you in the University. Talk about the statistics and growth of the long term career you have stated in co-relation to the course and the University.

Financial Capability: 

Most Important aspects of SOP which nobody talks about. It is very important to tell them about your financial stability, talk about the financial stability of family members, your savings, your plans to sustain, and what keeps you driven and focused on your goals. Financial claims, at all times, to be presented with supporting data and evidence so the respective country’s Government can put faith that you will be able to survive there . It serves as a symbol of surety/guarantee to the government that you have sufficient funds to take care of your living expenses for a period of one year. It is needed for an easy and quick visa/study permit.

Show your family ties in your home country and convince them you will return to your Home country 

Rather than stressing the possibility of working or residing there before or after graduation, emphasize your studies. However, it is possible that many students will choose to work on- or off-campus all through their studies. Make sure you don’t write about staying or working in the respective country that you have chosen and that you clearly state your intention to return home at the end of your program. You can accomplish this by demonstrating strong economic and social ties to your home country.

Although your SOP for student visa is important in determining whether your study permit application is approved, don’t let this process overwhelm you. You must be able to describe your personal ties to your Home Country. And make no plans to live abroad by mentioning close family ties or any assets you own. Possibly financial prospects that you or your heirs will inherit, investments, owning a house or apartment, and so on will be beneficial. As long as there is no missing or incorrect documentation, most study permit applications are approved. If you cover all the key aspects a visa officer will look for in your SOP for student visa, you’ll be on your way to studying abroad in no time. 


The closing paragraph should be a conclusive statement of everything you have mentioned above. Make sure you express your gratitude to the University and its dean and also mention that you’ll benefit greatly if selected as a student in an esteemed University like theirs. Give your gratitude and regards towards the very end and enclose the SOP with your full name. SOP writing is considered to be the most crucial admission document while enrolling in any foreign country. Get in touch with us if you want a perfectly written SOP that reflects your personality and your passion for the program.

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