London South Bank University: What Makes It Special?

Desirous of studying in the UK? With hundreds of universities, how do you choose the best university? Well, if you don’t know then we are here to guide you.

We have more than two decades’ experience in dealing with student visas for different countries and hence when we want to send students abroad for studies, the first thing we do is to choose a proper university based on their requirements.

According to us, London South Bank University can be a good option for you for studying abroad in the UK. Here’s why!!

Reasons to Study at London South Bank University

To answer this question, first, ask yourself; how do you choose a university – It is based on its rankings, the desired courses it offers, and employability. Apart from that, there are many other factors. But these three are the prime concerns as far as studying abroad is concerned.

London South Bank University offers an advantage in all of the above factors. Let\’s discuss them one by one.

London South Bank University Ranking

You should always opt for a University that has higher ranks. You might feel that other universities have higher ranks than London South Bank University. You are 100% right.

But merely looking at ranks will not give you a complete view. You should also check whether the course that you are studying is offered by the university, the fees, number of international students, other costs involved, fees, accommodation facilities etc.

London South Bank University Ranking is pretty good and the university offers a quality education at moderate prices.

For Indians, finance is the main issue when we decide to go abroad. Considering this fact London South Bank University is affordable to Indian students.

Apart from that, it offers various waivers if you have scored good marks in English. Also, it accepts gaps in studies and offers scholarships to students. That is an added advantage.

London South Bank University Courses

London South Bank University offers courses for undergraduate and postgraduate levels. As said earlier, if you have an overall IELTS band of 6.0 and above or have required marks in 12th grade then you can get certain waivers to get admissions to your desired courses.

London South Bank University has many international students. London South Bank University Courses are designed for quick employability. There are hundreds of courses available at London South Bank University.

London South Bank University Courses for post-graduation are designed to offer a chance of education to all. The post-graduation courses at London South Bank University accept a study gap of 5 to 8 years.

You can find a detailed list of postgraduate courses on our website. When you enrol for London South Bank University Courses you get many exemptions.

London South Bank Courses allow waivers for English language tests if you have obtained the desired number of marks in 12th boards. Apart from that the academic percentage required to get admissions in postgraduate courses is just 53%.

Other Factors:

Apart from the university rankings and the courses that it offers, other factors affect the choice of the university.

Fees: As we mentioned earlier, this is the basic factor that everyone considers first.

Availability of Scholarships: London South Bank University offers scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. You need to check it before choosing a particular university.

The culture: When you go abroad there are going to be cultural differences in the way you wear clothes, the way you talk, the way you eat etc. It is necessary to choose a university that has students who have a similar culture to us.

When you are away from home then at times you feel home-sick. But London South Bank University has students from almost 130 countries of the world and around 18000 international students. So you get a chance to meet like-minded students.

Food: This is yet another consideration to consider apart from the University rankings when you are choosing the university.

London South Bank University provides accommodation facilities and also caters to the other needs of the students for socializing, food etc.

Final Words:

When you are choosing a University, the prime focus should be on the Rankings and you should always look for whether the University offers the desired course.

Also, you should consider the other factors like culture, fees, accommodation, travel etc before you finalize a university.

According to us, London South Bank University has ample Indian students and you won’t feel home-sick after going there. That’s the reason we strongly recommend London South Bank University. For any kind of assistance, you can surely talk to us. We’ll be glad to help you.

A wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses with a range of relaxations to get admitted to is what we think makes London South Bank University special.

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