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Covid has paralyzed our lives but not our thoughts. We still dream of doing great things and that should be our spirit. Gandhiji always said,’ Live as if it was your last day and learn as if you will live forever. I have seen this spirit in you people over there eager to go abroad to study and make your career. Believe me, friends, the pandemic is temporary, it cannot stop you from dreaming big.

Amidst the pandemic also, I meet almost 50 students daily who come to inquire about overseas education. I have been running an overseas visa consultancy for a long time now and Edge International is a well-known name now for the UK overseas student visa. 

Just yesterday one student came to me and started weeping. She lamented, “Rishi Sir, I do not have the funds to stay when I reach the UK. I cannot stay in government-sponsored hotels, it adds up to Rs 2 lakh extra… What should I do? When will all things be normal again?” She sobbed and I could do nothing except to console her.

I work as a UK visa consultant in Vadodara but up till now, I have never seen such a gloomy picture. But in India, we say, “Bhagwan Ke Ghar der hai, andher nahi and there is a silver lining to the clouds” The same happened. God listened to our prayers.

I had shared the positive news about relaxed norms regarding the work permit (PSW) in my earlier blog. Here I want to add some more positive news. I sincerely hope that situations return to normal so that you can make your dreams come true. 

India features in the ‘Amber list of countries’

If you land in the UK as a student after 8th August 2021, 4 AM you will have to follow the following rules which are much easier to follow compared to the earlier ones. Earlier you needed to stay in hotels approved by the UK authorities for 10 days which added to Rs 2 lakh extra to your budget. But now with the relaxation in the norms, you can:

  • Take a covid test 3 days before the travel to the UK
  • Book and pay for the covid test post-arrival in England.
  • Complete the passenger locator form
  • Quarantine for 10 days at home or as per your convenience and no need to go to a government-managed hotel. It is a non-institutional quarantine for 10 days.
  • Get the covid test done on the 2nd day and the 8th day after arrival in England.

Fully vaccinated country: 

The UK is among the first countries in the world to achieve a fully vaccinated population. International students are the top priority for vaccinating against corona. According to the guidance issued by NHS England, “Anybody aged 18 or over in the UK is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination for free, regardless of their nationality or immigration status.”

Admissions started for September 2021 intake:

The UK government has set up a special site for assisting international students desirous of taking admissions in UK universities. Accordingly, students can visit the COVID-19 roadmap or the government’s site to get more ideas about the requirements.

Establishment of UKCISA 

UKCISA – UK Council for International Student Affairs is an agency that operates as an intermediary between the government and the international students. Here you can find answers to your questions and it is mainly built to assist international students.

Covid restrictions lifted

England has announced that from 19th July, people need not wear masks or practice social distancing. Wales and Northern Ireland are yet to make announcements in this regard whereas Scotland will lift the restrictions from 9th August.

Special 10 crore package declared to assist students

Students who have opted for loans or scholarships are already facing hardships. To help them and to motivate them further to study, Mr. Adar Poonawala, CEO of Serum Institute of India has announced the grant of 10 crores to the needy students in his personal capacity. I covered in detail it in my blog ‘Secret: FREE Financial Support For Studying in the UK” 

UK Universities Covering Quarantine Costs

To support international students for September intake 2021, many universities have given certain relaxation depending on which zone the country lies in. Here I am mentioning the points which are valid for our country.

The cost of mandatory quarantine is no longer relevant because the government has already given the permission to stay at home or the place of your choice.

The University of Bristol –

It will cover the cost of the test package that you need

Cranfield University 

It will cover the following costs: 

  • The cost of covid tests
  • Provide free accommodation and meals till the time you are quarantine, on their campus
  • Provide free travel from certain airports

The University of Leeds – 

Reduction in tuition fees.

The University of LincoIn – 

It will cover the following costs:

  • The cost of covid tests
  • Provide free accommodation and meals till the time you are quarantine, on their campus
  • Provide free travel from certain airports

Regent’s University London – 

The university will cover the following costs

Prospective students can apply for a package of up to £860, which includes:

  • Hamper package (includes cleaning goods): £50​
  • Cost of PCR tests: £210​
  • Flight supplement: up to £500​
  • Collection from airport to quarantine at a London address: £100​

The University of York – 

 It will cover the travel test package up to  210 pounds. Both of the tests to be done on the 2nd day and the 8th day after the arrival will be covered.

In case you have been issued a visa earlier but decide not to travel then you need to inform the institution in advance because your visa won’t be valid for the next term. I hope that I have filled you up with positivity. I believe, ‘A WILL will find its way. So next time don’t get disappointed and keep trying. For all your queries, I am here at Edge International to help you out. 

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