UKVI Post Study Work Visa (PSW)

Graduate Immigration Route (PSW)

  • Any International students who have completed their Bachelors or Masters from UK and have valid Tier 4 visa at the time of application for PSW are eligible for graduate visa.
  •  A Graduate visa allows you to stay in the UK and work, or look for work at any skill level for at least 2 years.
  • Students will not be automatically granted the Graduate Visa: To apply for PSW Student have to make a separate immigration application which will include paying the visa fee (£700) and the Immigration Health Surcharge at full rate (£624 per year).
  • PSW will allow students to work full time in most type of jobs, you are able to work flexibly, switch jobs and develop your career as required but excluding working as a sportsperson or coach.
  • Graduate visa is not extendable you will only be eligible to apply for this route once in your lifetime. However, you may be able to switch to a Skilled Worker Visa.
  • Applicants must have studied in the UK for at least 12 months or the full length of your course, whichever is shorter.
  • Once you’ve applied online, and fulfilled all the requirements like proved your identity and provided your documents, it usually take 8 weeks to geta decision on your visa within.
  • To apply for PSW you will not need a sponsor. (You will not need a job offer to apply for the route.)
  • Your University have to notify the Home Office that youhave successfully completed your studies/course.
  • The one who are successful to find an appropriate job and meet the requirements for Work route are eligible to apply for it. The Work route includes Skilled Worker through which you can settle in UK.

If you work in Public Sector Healthcare

  • If you are working in healthcare, adult social care or as a doctor or nurse than you don’t have to pay for the annual immigration health surcharge.
  • And if you get job in public sector healthcare after you have paid the annual immigration health surcharge than you may get a refund.

Application Fees

  • When you apply for Graduate Visa the application fee is usually £700.
  • The Healthcare Surcharge is usually £624 for each year.

Documents Required

  • Valid Passport or any other travel document which shows your Nationality and identity.
  • Biometric residence permit (BRP), you were given one at the time of your Student Visa / Tier 4 Visa.
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

Other Document you might need

  • Relationship Proof if your Partner or Child is applying with you.

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