Why is Middlesex University your way to success?

‘Sony, IBM, Deloitte, IKEA, SIEMENS’ if you want to picture yourself working with these groups of companies, then Middlesex University, London should be your top choice.

Why is it called Middlesex?

‘Middlesex’ – the name itself sounds embarrassing to us, the Indians especially. But for your information, Middlesex is a county in southeast England. The county is bounded to the south by the River Thames.

I don’t think anyone of you might be interested in knowing the geographical location or regarding its history. So I am not elaborating it here, but for those of you who’re curious to know, I’ve already included the link.

How can Edge International help you?

At Edge International, it is my sincere attempt to guide students in securing admissions abroad to a specified university. We have already covered in much detail about ‘Middlesex University, London’ on our website but we receive many queries from aspiring students so I decided to write about it.

Before we dive into the facts about Middlesex University, London; it is essential to know the criteria that motivate or demotivates the students in choosing a particular university for study abroad.

This will help me to emphasize the positive features of Middlesex University, London before you and can guide you in the decision-making process.

What factors influence the choice of University?

According to research conducted by academia, the process of selection of a university abroad involves the following:


According to the above research students give preference to the international university-based based on the following factors:

  • Availability of Scholarship
  • Cost of living
  • The reputation of the institution
  • Employability

Middlesex University, London offers all of the above. When we move to another country to study our main concern is the cost of living and the friendliness of people. This is especially important because you probably won’t have many friends in a foreign country… I know 🙁

This brings me to the next topic, that is;

Why are the Middlesex University Courses so popular?

Luckily, Middlesex University, London offers scholarships due to which you can easily afford the cost of living.

Interestingly, Middlesex University Courses are of shorter duration which allows you to get specialized skills quickly. Middlesex University Courses offer you to gain practical industry-based knowledge rather than just theoretical knowledge.

It offers courses for Bachelor’s, Masters, and Doctorate programs.

You might be wondering that every other university on your list offers the same, so what’s so special about the Middlesex University Courses, right?

The answer is simple, it offers a HUGE VARIETY of subjects to choose from within a given field.

For example, if you are interested in learning about forensic science and criminology then within that subject, you get a choice to opt for:

  • Computer Forensics
  • Criminology with Psychology
  • Law with criminology
  • Sociology with criminology

This is just one example. You get tons of customization options with Middlesex University Courses. As a part of great advice, if you wish to go to settle abroad after your studies then study a course which is in greater demand in those countries and is needed globally.

Not only this, if you have a flair to learn and understand foreign languages, then Middlesex University Courses are a boon for you. It offers courses in international languages like Spanish and Mandarin.

In India, we don’t get a wide variety of subjects whereas if you visit the above website you’ll come to know about various Courses offered by Middlesex University which can interest you.

Having said this, you should be aware of the rankings of the University before you join it. Here’s the info about it.

What are the Middlesex University Rankings?

When it comes to the choice of the University, I have seen confusion in the minds of students. Right from the choice of country, choice of University, choice of subject, choice of the visa consultant…

I can understand how difficult it is. You can easily get the rankings of Middlesex University by searching it on the web. I know that pretty well. Hence I don’t want to tell you about the Rankings of Middlesex University, rather I want you all to consider the factors to consider when you compare universities.

The first and foremost thing that you should consider is the employability, cost, location, and modularity of the content. If I try to elaborate it here, things will go out of the topic. Rather than that, I’ll leave a link for you to check which will give you an idea of factors to consider while comparing universities.

When you try to judge Middlesex University Rankings, you’ll come across the words, ‘QS Rankings’.  According to the official website of qs.com;

The QS World University Rankings is an annual publication of university rankings which comprises the global overall and subject rankings (which name the world’s top universities for the study of 48 different subjects and five composite faculty areas), alongside our independent regional tables (such as Asia, Latin America, Emerging Europe, and Central Asia and the Arab Region). The QS World University Rankings is the most widely read university rankings in the world.

Under the same grouping, QS also produces the following: Graduate Employability Rankings, Best Student Cities, Higher Education System Strength Rankings, Rankings by Location, and the suite of Business School Rankings including Global MBA, EMBA, Distance Online MBA, and Business Masters.”

Middlesex University Rankings suggest that it is among the top 700 education institutions in the world. You probably might think that what’s the use of being in the top 700. (why not top 100?) But it is GLOBAL RANKING, my friend. It matters!

If you want to view in detail Middlesex University Rankings, I will recommend you to visit the GotoUniversity site. It will guide you about the global rank, regional ranks, and also the ranks based on different subject areas.


I really can’t say about others, but for us-the Indians, going abroad for studies is a big task. It is all out of your parents’ hard-earned money. Your future depends on the degree that you qualify for.

Money invested can be recovered but the time once lost can never be recovered. Hence it is very important to analyze every aspect before you finalize the university or the country to go abroad.

I’ve tried my level best to guide you in this regard. My aim is not just to run a visa consultancy firm but I want you all to be successful in life and achieve all that you’ve dreamt for!

If you have any doubts regarding going abroad for studies then you can surely approach me and we’ll be happy to guide you. Don’t stop till you achieve your goal!

  • Rishi Mehta

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